Why choose BB Inc.?

What is the advantage to using BB Inc’s services?

US EXPERTISE AND SIMPLICITY: reinforce your company’s credibility and reassure your customers.

  • 30 years of manager’s experience in the United States
  • A multicultural team
  • A simple method and modular services “one-stop-shopping”
  • Single point of contact

REDUCE YOUR COSTS: your costs are shared and therefore reduced

Reduce your costs with BB Inc.
The graph illustrates theoretically the cost advantages of BB Inc.

  • No need to buy or rent your own premises: BB Inc’s offices and warehouses are available for you
  • Reduce the risks of recruitment and training
  • Control costs of staff and management

FACILITATE AND ACCELERATE YOUR DEVELOPMENT: you are physically present in the United States

  • Less jet lag
  • You can focus your efforts and resources on business development
  • No language or cultural obstacles: BB Inc. is a Franco-American team
  • Access to major distribution point: Chicago is the central point of distribution in the United States
  • Ease of input and output facility: you control your input and closing costs when changing your strategy

CONTROL YOUR DEVELOPMENT: Our expertise is at your service

  • You keep control of your commercial business activity
  • You control operational costs
  • You measure the progress of your development project under the control of your subsidiary

What are the areas of BB Inc’s expertise for your development in the United States?

Your presence in the United States will enhance your company’s credibility, reassure your customers on the sustainability of your project, and you’ll be seen as a company with whom “we can do business !”. Learn more about our range of customized services:

  • E-COMMERCE : an integrated solution to manage and quickly develop your online sales in the United States.
  • OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT : Your continued development in the United States, regular transfers from your account in the United States.
  • CONSULTING : Benefit from over 30 years of experience in the US Market.
  • US OFFICE AND SUBSIDIARY : A structure avilable to quickly and confidently develop your business in the United States.
  • FINANCING: Our external financing service helps you in your development in the U.S.
  • PICK & PACK, LOGISTICS: Our warehouses in Chicago are available to your development in the U.S.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT :your source of growth in the the United States.
  • SALES TEAM HOSTING : desks and infrastructures ready to host your teams.