Your Full Service, Turnkey Business Solution In The United States

When starting PSP U.S.A our major concern was : How to manage, as best as possible, the transition from our existing partner in a very short period- 45 days. BB Inc. offered us a turn-key option, that allowed us to be on time and under budget, but most importantly, we maintained a seamless transition in the eyes of our customers.


After many unsuccessful years trying to penetrate the American market via local distributors, we decided to trust BB Inc. and create a U.S. operation. After 6 months of operation, sales were increased 5 fold and have been growing steadily since then. This solution also limited risks, which are the main obstacle for small businesses like ours who are trying to establish themselves permanently in the U.S. The offered solutions from BB Inc. have allowed us to gain market shares, increase sales, improve technical support, and strengthen our image in the U.S.


BB inc. and its team have been instrumental in helping Formdrill to start, grow and manage its U.S. operation. Their cost effective services helped us not only to better serve our existing customer base but also free up time for our sales organization to focus on their mission and bring new business.


'Commercial monitoring proximity' has enabled us, while minimizing our costs and our risks, to increase our proactive prospecting in a competitive market where a local presence is a major asset. Without this service offering, we would have postponed our research by several months and missed business opportunities and competitive positioning.

SBG Systems

When starting our U.S. subsidiary, BB Inc. provided very valuable aid…we were able to focus on the commercial start of our business knowing that we could rely on them to handle the tasks of logistics and administration…we have also benefited from the economical structure of shared costs.

FH Orthopedics